Twinsie Tuesday: Scented Polish.....kind of

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Good morning polished world!  How are you all today?  I'm doing alright.  Kind of in a weird mood, so I'm hoping that doesn't mean I'm getting sick.  I honestly cannot pinpoint why I feel weird, I just do.  On top of it, the last few nights I tried to do different manicures and NOTHING has been working out.  I wore a plain cream polish yesterday.....that's right, a plain.cream.polish.  Maybe I am getting sick.

Today is Tuesday which means it is time for another Twinsie Tuesday.  This weeks theme is Scented Polish.  I shall start off this post by saying I do not own a single scented polish, nor did I go out and buy one for just this post.  I have a sensitivity to fragrances, and I really didn't think it would be a good idea to have scented nails in case that gave me a problem.  I honestly would have ended up with a migraine from it.

But I am not going to sit out this weeks post.  I got inspiration from a manicure I did for one of my residents using a scented polish.  When I did this lady's nails, I used a purple Revlon polish which smelled like grapes.  She wanted all 10 of her nails purple, and then a single daisy on her ring finger.  So I took inspiration from her scented manicure and created this crazy daisy design, which she approved of and said was totally perfect for today's theme.

Let's take a look at my manicure inspired by one that was done with a scented polish.  I'm really stretching to be able to post with this theme.....

Colors Used:
  • China Glaze - That's Shore Bright
  • Precision Lacquer - 18 Carat Cake
  • Sinful Colors - Snow Me White
  • INM - Northern Lights - Gold
Okay, so I spun off from the purple with the daisy and did this random looking design with gold and white.  I love how it turned out.  I'm not a fan of gold polishes but when it's intermingled with purple like this, I really become one.  Precision  Lacquer 18 Carat Cake is a polish I received last year and used for a few manicures.  It disappeared in my Melmer and I forgot that I owned it until the other night when I was looking through my glitter drawer.  This polish is a very fine yellow, gold microglitter which could be used as a topper or on it's own.  I used it on it's own with three coats.

I love the daisies on top of the purple.  I should snap a photo tomorrow of my resident's nails because hers looked stunning with the scented polish.  The Revlon was a tad darker than That's Shore Bright, but I honestly never pass up the chance to use this pretty purple beauty.  I'm so happy that it is now part of China Glaze's core collection.  Already purchased one back up and I'm sure next time there is a sale I will be getting another!

What do you think?  Like how I made today's post work?  I think I deserve some Twinsie Tuesday points or something for this....

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Until next time, <3.

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