Year in Review - Favorite Manicures of 2016

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Good morning polished world!  How are you all doing today?  Can you believe that in a few days 2017 will be here?  Where did the year go?  Since it is the end of the year, it's only fitting that I have a Year in Review post.

This year I decided to go through my lovely little blog and pick out my favorite manicure from each month and share them again here with you.  While picking out my manicures for today's posts, I stumbled across so many that I didn't even remember I created.

Head on into the post to see what my favorites were!!!


Snowman! - I did this manicure for a #ThemedThursdayJan prompt which I honestly forgot I even did.  This was my second year in a row creating this snowman and I love him even more this year.  Maybe he will make a reappearance in 2017.


The One With FingerPaints The Mural of the Story - Did you think my February manicure was going to be something pink and red for Valentines Day?  You should know by now how much I loathe that "holiday".  I absolutely loved this mint gradient splatter manicure.  I feel like I did this one in the summertime, not in February.  I need to re-create this beauty with some different colors soon.


The One Inspired by a City for Twinsie Tuesday - Ahhh Twinsie Tuesday, how I miss thee.  The girls are still doing prompts here or there, but I keep forgetting or just have not managed to find the time.  Anyways, this cute rose manicure is one of my all time favorite rose manicures ever.  So dainty and adorable.  Definitely going on the re-create list.


The One With OPI My Twin Mimmy  - Such a lovely yellow shade.  I really regret not picking up back up bottles of this beauty.  Love the combination here with Zoya Tomoko and the black polish.


The One Inspired by a Fabric for Twinsie Tuesday - My poppy manicure!!!  This mani matched a gorgeous poppy dress I wore to a gala back in May.  Not only my favorite dress, but my favorite manicure to match an outfit.


The One With OPI Roses - Spoken from the Heart by OPI is yet another gorgeous polish that I wish I purchased a back up of.  It has such a beautiful finish and works wonderfully for nail art.  Love how the design really ties into the swatched nails.


The One With the DIY Star Decals and Some Lovely ORLYs! - After seeing a tutorial online on how to make a DIY decal using polish and a hole punch, I decided to dust off the star hole punch and try it out.  Nine times out of ten, any DIY project I attempt does not work out, so I was a bit iffy when it came to this.  Shockingly it worked!  Absolutely love how this turned out.  I'm kicking myself that I didn't do more star manicures since July.  Guess there's plenty of time for them in 2017.


The One for My Birthday! - All time favorite birthday manicure.  Hands down.  Every year I re-create the cupcake design, but this years really takes the cake.  Ha, I'm so punny.  Anyways, love the color combination here and how perfect my lines were.  I think this was the manicure where I finally realized how to use nail art tape properly after close to 5 years of blogging.


The One With Morgan Taylor Oh Para-Chute! and Daisies - Loved the daisies on top of this color.  I really think this manicure speaks for itself as to why it's my favorite for September.  Just everything about it is lovely.


The One With the Serendipity Polish Mish Mosh Mani - This year I discovered the wonderfully gorgeous and perfect brand Serendipity Polish.  I have used their polishes a lot over the year since I own pretty much every single one of them, but this is my favorite manicure I did using them!  CE0,000,000 and Building My Empire from the Call Me Boss Lady collection are pure perfection.  The black polish is a one coater, and the holo is a beauty which everyone needs.  If you haven't check this brand out, you won't be sorry.  Cannot wait to see what they have planned for 2017!!!


The One With the Abstract Looking Flowers - I think November was the hardest month for me to pick a favorite.  After spending way too much time debating, I finally decided on this pretty.  I loved the look of the flowers, and of course loved using my beloved ORLY polishes.


The One With the Poinsettia Nail Art - Last but not least, we have my most recently posted manicure, the poinsettias. I absolutely loved this Christmas manicure and am super proud of it.  Personally, looking at it I can see how my skills as a nail artist has grown over the past year.  I created a flower I never would have attempted last year, I finally have figured out how to accomplish a glitter gradient, and I applied a red polish without staining my cuticles.  I'm so proud of this manicure.  I know, lame, but hey it's what I do.

What do you think?  Do you have a favorite?  Think something else should have made the list!??

I'll be posting one more manicure for 2016, then the New Year is upon us!!!  I cannot wait to celebrate the 5th anniversary of this blog and to continue on with my nail art journey.

Until next time, <3.

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