The One With the New Year's Eve Manicure

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Good morning polished world and Happy New Year's Eve!!!  Can you believe that 2017 has come and gone?!  I honestly cannot believe it.  Now I need to do a December Monthly Mani Favs post, followed by a 2017 re-cap post of all my favorites from the year.  Jeez I have a lot of work on this blog to do today.  I'll obviously be posting those two posts in the next few days.

Today's manicure is a re-creation of my 2015 New Year's Eve manicure.  I loved the design so much and actually forgot about it until I was looking to see what I had done before.  After searching forever for a design I liked, my mind kept going back to this design.  Therefore, I had to re-create it.

Let's take a look!

Colors Used:
  • ORLY - Liquid Vinyl
  • FingerPaints - Golden Glaze
  • Serendipity Polish - Sunshine Rainbow
Isn't it wonderful??  I think when I created the manicure originally, I just randomly placed the tape on the nail and in the end it turned out looking like a star.  Can I tell you it took forever to lay the tape just right to make it look like a star again??  Finally was able to re-create it not once, but four times since I had this design on both my ring fingers and thumb.

I love this black and gold combo so much.  Topping FingerPaints Golden Glaze with Sunshine Rainbow was a wonderful idea.  The holo and gold flecks mixed together with the foiled golden polish really gave it a true New Year's Eve feel.

What do you think?  Like this design?  Tired of me doing re-creations??

I hope everyone has a happy and safe New Year!!!!  Goodbye 2017, hello 2018!!!

See you next year, <3.

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