The One With the Good Old Fashioned Skittle Manicure

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Nothing to Disclose

Good morning Polished World! Welcome to yet another Monday.  Not only is it the beginning of a new week, it's also the start of Holy Week which means Easter is right around the corner.  And I have been seriously slacking when it comes to Easter nail art.  I can't say it's all 100% my fault.  I had so many cute ideas, and then on the day before St. Patrick's Day, I had a major break and spent all last week with plain swatches on my nails.

Then it hit me, I could still do an Easter design utilizing a swatch.  Remember those pastel skittle manicures using the black and white glitter that looked like those robin egg candies?  You know, something that was popular when I started blogging an eternity ago?  Well that idea popped in my head randomly and I went searching for my black and white glitter.  Luckily for me, they hadn't dried up yet.

Let's take a look!

Colors Used:
  • ORLY - Cool in California (peachy pink)
  • ORLY - Big City Dreams (mint not pictured)
  • ORLY - As Seen on TV (Purple)
  • ORLY - Forget Me Not (blue)
  • Color Club - Disco's Not Dead
  • FingerPaints - Th-Ink Outside the Box
Look at me remembering the name of the polishes I used!!!  I actually wrote them when I painted the design.  Let's see how long this lasts. I'm betting the next post I'll forget the colors.  

Regardless, can we take a minute and look at how awesome this manicure is??  All those pastels just went flawlessly together.  I'm kind of disappointed that I couldn't find a pastel yellow by ORLY in my collection.  My polish drawers need some serious reorganization so I'm sure I'll find one when I get around to that.

This manicure gave me all the retro vibes.  You know, retro like 2013.  I seriously cannot believe I've been blogging for that long.  FingerPaints Th-Ink Outside the Box is an amazing black and white glitter polish, which now that I remember I have it, I will be using more often.  The wonderful thing about this glitter is that it removes super easily.

What do you think? Fan of this manicure?  Think it's Easter-y enough?

Until next time, <3.

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