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Let me start this post by saying that I have been blessed to have the most awesome neighbors in the whole world.  Across the street, next door, kitty corner, no matter where they are, everyone is awesome.  Last Spring, one of our neighbors moved, and we all were a bit nervous because we were unsure who was going to move in.  Luckily, nice neighbors got replaced with even nicer neighbors.  Just like everyone else who I have met, they all love my finger nail designs.  Every few weeks or so, I paint the girls nails.  It gives me practice on my designs while at the same time giving me something to do while spending time with some great people.

Tonight was one of those nail painting nights.  Starting around 5pm and ending at 8pm, three sets of fingers, all with different designs were completed.  Here are the designs...please excuse the edges as I do suck at putting base coats on other people's nails and by the time I was done I was too lazy to clean them lol.

The first design was on the youngest of the three whom I painted.  Obsessed with my leprechaun nails, she wanted the same thing.  Instead of the design I have on my other nails, she wanted to have pots of gold.  I'm not sure how she managed to do it, but she smeared a few of the nails in a period of two seconds lol.

After I brought my camera over, and the girls looked through my dozens of nail pictures, the middle girl wanted to have piggies done on her nails like I had in this post.  Did something a little different with the eyes and on the ring finger, and totally loved them.

Originally, the oldest girl wanted to have those little mustache designs.  I'm down for anything, so I was up for the challenge.  Instead, she decided to go with the Zooey Deschanel tuxedo nails.  Super cute, and perfect for Bow Tie Tuesday.  Let me explain quickly what Bow Tie Tuesday is....where I work, on Tuesdays the men wear bowties and some of the girls put them in their hair, or in my case on my nails.  I will be doing this design in the near future for another Bow Tie Tuesday.  While she had no clue about Bow Tie Tuesday, she's totally prepared.

I'm in love with all the designs.  Thanks to the girls for allowing me to paint your nails!!!  Most awesome neighbors ever, right?

Which design was your favorite??

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  1. I love the pigs the most! That's so sweet that you did that for them! :-)


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