Simple Dots

7:28:00 PM

I know, I know, I have not updated in a while.  I got a little side tracked with school, work, and life.  I still painted my nails, just was not updating the blog.  Well here I am with one of two updated posts.

As I may or may not have said in an earlier post, I typically paint my nails every three days.  Most of my manicures are intricate designs of some sort and they take me about 45 minutes to complete, so I like to keep them on as long as possible.  The third day mark is typically where the edges start to chip off or my nails start to grow out, and my OCD sets in and I need to repaint.  It upsets me when one of the designs chips in less than 24 hours.

After the tigers, I was rather lazy and un-creative.  I wanted to do something simple that if it chipped in less than 24 hours I would not be upset.  So why not a simple alternating dot pattern?? 

Colors Used:
  • Revlon Charming - pretty lavender purple
  • Sinful Colors Mint Apple - my favorite color ever, the pretty mint green
  • New York Color White Lights Glitter - because all manis deserve some form of glitter.
Originally, I was going to do a simple heart on each nail, but when I came to the conclusion I was too lazy to drag my dotting tool and create the heart, I opted for the dots. 

Simple, cute, and a mani I can do with numerous colors when I feel lazy.

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