Pink & Lavender Zebra

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On Wednesday, I painted my nails a really pretty foil green in preparation for a St. Patrick's Day nail design.  When I sat down on Thursday to complete a St. Patrick's day design, I realized I only had two good ideas and I wanted to do them the actual week of the holiday.  So, I took the green off then put on some nice foiled pink.  Then I thought to myself, what oh what should I do?? I remembered a mani I did awhile back with a zebra print and thought I will do that, with a twist!

Colors Used:
  • Funky Fingers - Favorite Girl - foil pink base
  • Revlon - Charming - Lavender tip
  • Sinful Colors - Black on Black - zebra stripes
  • Sally Hansen XTtreme Wear - Celeb City - Metallic silver stripe
Last time I did this mani, it looked like this (I apologize for the blurry picture, but my cellphone stinks and it was the only picture I had of it)

Instead of using Revlon Charming, I used Sinful Colors Snow Me White for the tip.  While I liked both mani's, I think I slightly preferred the white tipped mani over the lavender tipped.  I would have done the white again if it wasn't all dried up.  Always happens, the colors is dried up at that exact moment you want to use them.

How To: 

It's by far one of the easiest mani's to do.  First, paint your nail the whatever base color.  When the nail has dried (about five minutes) take a piece of tape and lay it diagonally across your nail, then paint whatever secondary color you want.  After another five minutes, take a tooth pick and start creating a zebra pattern.  Use a stippling motion with the tooth pick to create the lines.  The lines do not have to be perfect because real life zebra patterns are not perfect.  Take another toothpick and outline between the base and dividing color with again a color of your choice.  You don't have to do this, but sometimes it just adds a little more to the mani.  Finish with a top coat, and viola! zebra nails!

Enjoy, and see you all next week for some St. Patrick's Day nail art!!!!

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  1. You've been tagged sweetie,with the 11 questions award here :

  2. Um,right,you have wrinkly hands,NOT! See what you made me do,you said wrinkly hands,and it made me want to look closer,but still,NOT!

    1. hahahahah!! too funny that you came back and looked after i tweeted that :)

  3. This is fun! It screams girl night out :P Also I hate when polish gets all gross. Nail polish thinner is a miracle :)

    1. Thanks! I need to invest in some thinner. My neighbors put a little nail polish remover in it, but I think that ruins the polish. Any suggestions on good brands of thinner??


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