Easter Peeps!

12:18:00 AM

Easter is right around the corner!  That means chocolate bunnies, Easter eggs, and best of all, marshmallow Peeps!  Growing up, Peeps only were around during Easter time, but now you can find Halloween Peeps, Christmas Peeps, Valentines Day Peeps...the list goes on and on.  Nothing though compares to the original Easter Peeps....

Those brightly colored marshmallow bunnies and chics with the little chocolate spotted eyes.  After seeing this large display at the grocery store, I realized it was time to put the little guys on my nails!  And here is what I came up with....

Colors Used:

  • Base 
    • New York Color - French White Tip (retired the Sinful Colors - Snow Me White due to clumpyness)
  • Peeps! & Dots
    • Sinful Colors - Irish Green 
    • Sally Hansen HD Nails - Byte (Pink)
    • Sinful Colors - Love Nails (Blue)
    • Zoya - Lianne (Orange)
    • Sinful Colors - Let's Meet (Yellow)
My Peeps didn't fill up my full nail and there was too much white, so I decided to dot some of the colors on the other nails.  I originally was going to use the dotting tool to draw them on my nails, but realized that I could not get the look I wanted.  Enter in the tooth pick.  Each were drawn on with the tooth pick and filled in.  Then I dotted on the little eyes with the tooth pick and they were done!  Took a little longer than I thought, but in the end well worth it. 

I'm in love with the bright colors.  Reminds me of Spring and of course the Easter Peeps.  So what do you think?? 

I have two more mani ideas for Easter which I can't wait to do and show you all.  <3

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  1. OMG so here's the dang epic comment finally....the one i wrote last week from my phone & didn't get posted!!! haha ok so i totally love love love your little Peeps! they're my moms favorite 'candy' of all time....but did u know that the eyes are NOT made of chocolate!?!?!? they're just colored wax. check the ingredients, no trace of cocoa anywhere!! haha mind-blowing. as always i love u & ur cute nail art!

    1. How sad is it that I'm just getting to this comment now?? Well it took you like two days to post it anyways after your phone deleted it! :P My mind is blown over the fact that they are not made or chocolate!!!! My world as i know it is crumbling, I always thought it was chocolate!!!! Thank you <3

  2. Awwwwwwwwwww! I love peeps. This is so cute.


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