Happy Halloween!!!

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Happy Halloween polished world!  Are your nails all decked out?!  I don't want to hear that you had no idea what to do, especially since I posted the nail art wheel and zillions of tutorials!  No excuses lovelies!!  LOL.

For today's manicure, I decided to do a mish mosh of designs using my own tutorials!  You can't go wrong with a cute little mish mosh character manicure!

Let's take a look!

Colors Used:
  • Sally Hansen - OMGhost
  • Sally Hansen - Pumpkin Queen
  • Sally Hansen - Fright Night
  • Zoya - Tilda
  • Zoya - Beatrice

Five polishes and all these designs!  Yes you read that right!  I swear, it really is easy to get awesome looking nails!  You do not have to have a large stash and really, you don't even need zillions of tools!  Don't have a dotting tool?  No problem, use a bobbing pin!  No nail art brush?  Pshhhh, just use a tooth pick!  I started using toothpicks for everything, and yes, the tools make life easier, but it was just as easy to accomplish the designs without them.

I think this is my favorite Halloween manicure ever.  I've done character ones in the past, but this one was just so cute.  I love seeing for myself how I have grown as a nail artist in the past few years.  It really makes me hope that next year I'll still have the time to blog so I can see how far I've again come!

Liking the design?  Do you have a favorite little character?  Are these designs you have attempted??

I hope you all have a Happy and SAFE Halloween.  If you are going to any parties, please do not drink and drive!  While adults have fun on Halloween partying, remember that there are kids out walking up and down the roads trick or treating.  Just please, everyone be safe!

Whew, now that October will be over, I can take a break from blogging!!!  The Nail Artist of the Month post will be coming up soon!!!!  :)

Until next time, <3.

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