Halloween Nail Art Wheel

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Hello there!  Hope you all are doing well today!  I meant to publish this post yesterday but was a bad blogger and didn't hit the Publish button.  So instead it sat as a saved draft forever waiting to be posted.  I'm mad at myself because I really wanted this wheel up as soon as possible so you all could get lots and lots of ideas for Halloween.  Well, there are still 13 days before Halloween so it totally works out.

I love creating nail art wheels!  So far I have done one for Christmas, Valentine's Day, and St. Patrick's Day.  I planned on doing an Easter one but ran out of time, so when October came around, I was super excited to break out the wheels again and start creating!

Every time I create my designs, I first brainstorm them out on paper.  I draw 18 poor looking ovals, use one color pen and sketch out many different looks.  Sometimes I struggle to get 18, while other times it comes easily.  This time it came easily, and I had 19 designs so when one didn't work out, I had a quick substitute!

Let's take a look!

I think this is my favorite wheel so far!  Don't get me wrong, I love the other three, but something about this one stands out to me more than the others.  Maybe because I've grown as a nail artist and my lines are neater, or maybe because it's just so dang adorable.  Seriously, I'm the only person who can make a cute instead of scary Halloween nail art wheel.  I tried to make my vampire and Frankenstein look mad, but they still ended up looking kind of happy/adorable.

One of my favorite designs on the wheel is the haunted graveyard.  For this nail, I started off with a base coat of INM Brighella, then sponged the tip with a light grey polish.  I then added a coat of INM Northern Lights to give it that night time star look.  Then using my nail art brushes, I created the tree and the little grave yard.  I did this design last year on my actual nails and am hoping to attempt it again!  I'm very excited to see how I've grown in a years time!

Which design is your favorite?  Is there any that you think you will recreate?

As promised, I did create some tutorials for random designs on the nails.  The other day I posted the two jack-o-lanterns and already I'm getting a positive response and re-creations!  Thank you all for sharing those tutorials!  The others will be up randomly throughout the next two weeks!

I can't wait to re-create some of these designs on my own canvases, and hope to see some on yours!  As I said, I've already seen some re-creations, and I'm really loving it!  Please continue to share your designs either on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.  There still is that #tlcinspired hashtag on Instagram you can use also!

Until next time, <3.

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