Vampire Nail Art Tutorial

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Good morning polished world!  I'm going to be a busy blogger over the next few days posting my own Halloween manicures and the few tutorials I created when I did my nail art wheel!  Ever since I posted the pumpkins, I've had 4 more designs to share, and have had no clue which to share with you all first!

After one of my very amazing followers posted a re-creation of my vampire from the nail art wheel on my Facebook page, I decided it was time to share the vampire tutorial!

Let's take a look!

  1. Paint your nails with a light gray polish
  2. With a nail art brush, draw the hairline and fill in the top part of your nail with black polish.
  3. With a dotting tool, add two white eyes.
  4. With a nail art brush, draw the smile and eyebrows.  You can skip the eyebrows if you want.  I was trying to make him as scary looking as possible.
  5. With a nail art brush, draw the little teeth
  6. Using a small dotting tool, add red eyes and blood drips to the fangs.
  7. Using a small dotting tool or nail art brush, add the black pupils.  Then go through with a fine nail art brush and outline the fangs.
Don't forget your top coat!

Very straight forward, just a little tedious.  You'll see on my character nails that I tend to do the hair first.  This is because I can have a better idea as to where to place the eyes.  If the eyes are too high up, then the face can look disproportionate.  I also set up my tutorials in a way that takes drying time into consideration.  You cannot do the eyes all in one step because the red and pupils will blend into each other.  I usually will do the white and then let them dry, add the random details, then go back through and add the finishing touches.

What do you think?  Like the little vampires?  Is this a design you would try?

As always, if you re-create the design, please share it with me on my social networks!!  I cannot begin to tell you how much I love seeing your designs!

Until next time, <3.

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