Twinsie Tuesday: Odd Inspiration - Halloween Socks!

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Happy Tuesday everyone!  Hope you all are doing fantastically!  It is yet another busy week for me!  I swear I never get a break anymore.  Few more months and I will be able to!  Until then, my life is eat, sleep, work, blog.  Normal, right?

Since it is Tuesday that means it is time for yet anther Twinsie Tuesday!  This week we are finding inspiration in odd things.  For example, one of us could be inspired by a design on a pair of underwear.  Honestly, that was what I was going to do until I realized Halloween is around the corner and I'm really wanting to do as many Halloween designs as possible before the 31st.

I debated on skipping but then I realized, I have lots of pairs of Halloween socks!  Growing up, each year my mom would get my sister and I a new pair of Halloween and Christmas socks.  While most kids probably would have hated this, my sister and I loved wearing our holiday themed socks.  The ones I currently own are rather boring, just pumpkins or little Frankensteins, so I decided to look for inspiration online.

I found this pair of haunted house socks in orange.  Not going to lie, I would love to own a pair in either orange or purple.  Since I did a purple themed Haunted House design last year, and again on my nail art wheel this year, I decided to take inspiration from the orange pair of socks and go nail art crazy!

Let's take a look!

Colors Used:
  • Maybelline - Sweet Clementine
  • Black and White Acrylic
  • Zoya - Darcy
Kind of awesome, right?  After I found my inspiration and had my base and tips done, I was surfing Instagram, I found this similar themed manicure by The Nail Tail.  I loved how she sponged black around the tips to make it look like fog.  Since I already had painted on black grass tips, I kind of went over it with the sponge, so it's kind of uneven.  If I saw hers sooner, I would have just done the sponged tips and not painted on the grass, but anywho.

I added little trees like on the sock, a haunted house, and of course the little ghosts.  I had the ghosts just with eyes like on the socks, but I thought they were cuter with little ghost mouths.  I copied my graveyard nail from my nail wheel for the middle finger.  This nail was the one I was so happy I had the added sponging for.  It looked so cool and haunted there.

I think my little ghost/tree nails are my favorite.  It's like one is heading to the haunted house while the other is heading to the haunted graveyard!  I wasn't too sure about using a glossy top coat on these, but now that I'm looking at the photos, I'm happy that I did.

What do you think?  Good odd inspiration?  Does that question even make sense?

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Until next time, <3.

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