The One With the St. Patrick's Day Collaboration

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Nothing to Disclose

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!  Hope you all are decked out in green and your nails are extremely festive!  You can guarantee mine are as are the ladies in The Nail Art Squad!  Every month (or maybe more) I am going to be posting along side a group of wonderful bloggers as part of an Instagram collaboration.  I posted with these ladies for New Years and Valentine's Day, and this past month we decided to become an official little group and give ourselves a name.  Now we are The Nail Art Squad.  Thanks to our fearless leader Sarah of 25_SweetPea for gathering us together for this!

Today I am re-creating a design I did on one of my resident's nails.  She wanted something green with a shamrock.  Easy peasy.  Her middle nail I did orange, and well on mine I did gold because I decided this year I wasn't going to do any rainbow/pot of gold manicures for St. Patrick's Day.  I went with a holo polish to incorporate a rainbow....which I think works....right??

Let's take a look!

Colors Used:
  • ILNP - 1 UP
  • ILNP - Clockwork
  • Orly - White Tips
  • Zoya - Maria Luisa
Oh my goodness gracious....1 Up is the most gorgeous green polish I have every laid my eyes on.  Barbara really hit a home run with this one!  Such a gorgeous concentrated peridot green polish with a strong holo effect.  Two coats and done.  Inside people are commenting on the sparkle and holo.  I have always wanted a birthstone shade polish, and this is perfect.  I'll be using it again in August!

Clockwork is just as gorgeous.  I actually bought this polish after seeing Sarah's manicure using it.  A gorgeous bronze gold flakie with holo throughout.  I honestly thought the holo was going to be hidden because of the metallic flakes, but it is just as amazing.  Two coats, pure perfection.

I always forget how gorgeous Zoya Maria Luisa is.  A small gold flaked flakie....just very dainty.  I used it one other time for a Bestie Twin Nail with Fashion Footing and vowed to use it more than never did.  It was super separated when I pulled it out of my Melmer, but it came together quickly.

I can't stop staring at the holo in that last photo.  I'm just amazed by it!!!  The color, the holo, just everything.  LOVE

What do you think?  Lover of ILNP holos?

Have a great St. Patrick's Day!! <3

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