The One With the Pastel Leopard Gradient

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Good morning polished world and Happy Sunday!  I cannot believe the weekend is already over.  It seems like it just began.  That's always how it happens after you have a super long week....the weekend ends up being shorter than short.  Oh well!  At least I have lots of pretty new polish to play with tonight, so that's a good thing!  May or may not have finally caved and purchased the whole Neon Pastel Poptastic Polishes from Color Club.  So so excited.

Anyways, today I am sharing with you a pastel leopard gradient manicure that I did last week using some of my Sinful Colors pastel polishes.  I'm really feeling Spring so I've been slowly digging out all my pastels, and well clearly purchasing some new ones.

Let's take a look at what I came up with!

Colors Used: 
  • Sinful Colors - A-Crush
  • Sinful Colors - Chalk it Up
  • Nine Zero Lacquer - Holo all the Things
  • Black acrylic
This is kind of a gorgeous gradient.  I really wish it photographed better.  Pastels always are washed out and neons are always dull.  Photography can really be a tricky thing sometimes.  Anyways, I did a pretty blue to green gradient using A-Crush and Chalk It Up.  I kind of think that A-Crush is more of a periwinkle blue than it is a true blue.  Maybe a purple blue?  Isn't that just periwinkle?  I don't know.  I'll call it periwinkle.

I believe these polishes were part of a back to school collection Sinful came out with last year.  They are demi-matte polishes so I'm assuming that means they dry matte when you use them on their own.  Since I used them for nail art and a gradient, I really couldn't tell if they were matte or not.

For the gradient, they were super opaque.  I didn't have to dab the sponge on my nails a zillion times to get the color to transfer like I do with other pastels.  Actually, it was too dark when I first did it, so I went through with white on the make up sponge and lightened them up a bit.  I then added a top coat of Holo All the Things for a nice shimmery holo look and boy was it gorgeous.  I really wish you could see it more in the photos.  The one above you can tell there is the effect.

What do you think?  Fan of this look?  Something you've tried?  Do you own the demi mattes?

I kind of have missed Sinful Colors.  I have been eyeing their displays for some time now but none of the colors seem to be popping out to me.  I'm hoping they come out with a pastel line for Spring with some newbies.  Since you know, I need more pastels.

I need to get a start on some St. Patrick's Day Manicures!!!!  Maybe tonight!  Although that means I won't be using my pastels.....hmmmm.

Until next time, <3.

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