The One With the Easter Collaboration With The Nail Art Squad

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Good morning polished world, and Happy Easter!  I can't believe Easter is already here.  Where is the year going!?  Although, Easter is usually in April so I guess in my mind we are further a long in the year than we really are.  Oh well.

Today I am part of an Easter collaboration with The Nail Art Squad!  We all decided to do white nails decorated like Easter Eggs.  I'm not a fan of Easter egg nail art on my own nails because I think my nails are too squatty for it, so I tried to think of something a little outside of the box for today.

I've been dying to use my Color Club Poptastic Pastel Neons since I purchased them a few weeks ago, and I figured today would be a great day for this...especially for Easter Egg art.  I decided to go with a splatter design, which looked awesome but WOULD NOT PHOTOGRAPH.  Sigh.  I seriously only got one workable photo of this manicure.  Someone needs to give me lessons on photographing pastels because I stink at it.

Oh well, let's take a look at my one photo of my manicure.

Colors Used:
  • Color Club Neon Pastel Poptastic
You can see how awesome the splatter looked, just not clearly.  Ugh.  So upsetting when something doesn't photograph right.  I think the reason for this was because of the white background.  I probably should have used My Boyfriend Scales Walls which is a not-so-bright white and maybe it would have shown up better.  Oh well....too late now.  Regardless, I love these pastel neons and can't wait to use them more!

Here's the photo of all the lovely ladies who collaborated this time around!

Now all of The Nail Art Squad didn't post this time around, but if you are interested to see who is in our little group, take a look at the list below!  We will be doing monthly, or maybe even bi-monthly depending on what's going on, collaborations!

I hope everyone has an AMAZING Easter with their family and friends.  Let's not forget the real reason for today.  I am beyond thankful and blessed that Christ died for my sins and I am able to celebrate this day.

Until next time, <3.

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