The One With the March Monthly Mani Favs

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Good morning and happy Wednesday polished world!  I hope everyone is doing well!!  Can you believe the month of March is almost over?!  St. Patrick's Day, Easter...all done and over with.  2016 is going to be over before I even know it.

Since this is going to be my last post for the month of March, it is time for another Round Up Post!  After retiring the Nail Artist of the Month feature for this year, I decided that every month I am going to look back on the manicures I did, pick my favorites, and then pick my favorite manicures done by other bloggers.  I really enjoyed the feature last month and this month is no different!

Let's take a look at my March mani favs!

  1. The One Inspired by a City for Twinsie Tuesday - I cannot begin to tell you how much I love this manicure!  I wasn't going to buy OPI Crawfishin' for a Compliment, but boy am I happy that I did!  The formula was a bit tricky and took about three coats for full coverage, but it's such a pretty orange cream.  Pretty sure this manicure was my best ever bottle shot too.
  2. The One Inspired by Jewelry for Twinsie Tuesday -  For Twinsie Tuesday during the week of Easter, we were to create manicures inspired by jewelry.  I absolutely love my cross necklaces, and since it was the week of Easter, I thought it was fitting to do a little manicure symbolizing the real meaning for the season.  I love the gradient so much on this manicure.  I think I need to do it again, but maybe with a tribal design?
  3. The One With the Floppy Bunny Ears and Dots - Such a cute Easter design.  I've fallen in love with the Sally Hansen Miracle Gels after this manicure.  Four days, no chips.  The only reason I took it off was because I was getting bored of it.  If you're looking for long lasting polishes, I would recommend these guys.  I was shocked that I didn't have a single chip.  Shocked.
  4. The One With the Pastel Leopard Gradient - I was itching for so I busted out my pastels.  These polishes were two Sinful Color Matte polishes which were great to work with for gradients.  It was such a pretty color combo.  
Now to take a look at my favorite manicures by other bloggers.  So many pretty designs!

  1. Purple Geometric by Coffee and Nail Polish - I absolutely LOVE this purple manicure Shannon did.  I need to recreate it as soon as possible using ILNP Charmingly Purple.  I just cannot get over how awesome this geometric manicure is.  I hope it looks as good on my nails as it does on hers!
  2. Tulips by Paulina's Passions - I'm such a huge fan of Paulina's work.  All of her manicures, especially her floral designs, are flawless.  I've always wanted to paint tulips on my nails, but all the designs I've seen in the past really caught my eye enough to make me want to re-create it.  These though are just gorgeous and perfect.  Everything about them is amazing.  I don't think I'll try to re-create them because I highly doubt I'll be able to make them as perfect.
  3. Floral Manicure by 25_SweetPea - Sarah hit another home run with this manicure.  She NEEDS to create a tutorial for this design because I need to re-create it.  Those flowers are just so adorable!  Like little doodles.  Best part, it's inspired by a not only do I need this manicure on my nails, I need that dress.
  4. Gorgeous Pale Green and Lavender Mani by DSetterfield74 - oh my goodness, how gorgeous is that manicure.  I think it's a dry marble...maybe a saran wrap manicure?  I probably should ask Dianna what she did because I love this so much.  The color combination reminds me of lilacs, which should be blooming soon.  Love it.
What do you think?  Any of these your favorites?  

Time to start my April posts!  Wonder what will be my favorite next month!

Until next time, <3.

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