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Good morning all!  I've decided to share this post before the every 3 day mark because I have oh so many pre-published posts to share.  Plus, this post has nothing to do with nails, just how I will be taking pictures of my nails from here on out.  My first post featuring the lightbox photos I believe will be on January 21st.  Stay tuned ;)

I know, there are a couple of these tutorials out there, but I had to share mine because I feel super accomplished after making my very own lightbox.  As many of you know, I have been having issues taking pictures inside.  In the summer, it is easy, I go outside, stand in the sun, and take some pictures.  In the winter though, that isn't a viable option.  Where I live, it literally becomes grey from November until about April.  Sure we get some sunny days, and a nail blogger like me can sneak out and take some pictures with a snowy background, but still, the light is just not the same.

So what is a poor girl like me to do?  For the weeks now I have fought with lighting by my desk.  Taking pictures using a mini tripod with paper for background.  Lately, I've become lazy and just snap and post whatever picture I can get.  They've been blurry, grainy, and just weird.  My frustrations have mounted and finally, I decided to do something about it before I decided to quit blogging until summer.  That something was a light box!

Alright, enough of my babbling, time to get onto my mini tutorial!!!

Things You'll Need:
  • Box
  • Ruler
  • Scissors and a Box Cutter or Exacto Knife
  • Tape
  • Tissue Paper
  • Poster Board or Copy Paper

1.  Find or purchase a box.  The box I used for this was 12 x 12 x 12.  If you're going to photograph your nails or polish bottles, then this size is perfect.

2.  Make the box a box!  I taped the bottom of the boy using regular packing tape then put it on it's side.

3.  Cut the excess flaps from the top of the box.  I kept the bottom flap on as to know where my base was when working.

4.  Create a square in which you are going to cut out.  With your ruler, measure an inch and half from the edge of the box towards the center.  I then outlined a square using my ruler to ensure the lines were straight.

5.  **CAUTION - I do not want any missing fingers after you complete this step**  With the box cutter or exacto knife, start cutting out the square.  DO NOT cut towards your body, please cut away.  If you slip, you will hit yourself and could cause serious injury!  Hold the opposite side of the box while cutting to keep the box steady.  Do not hold the same edge you are cutting again in case you slip.

6.  Take your tissue paper and lay it over the squares on the box.  I drew a larger square than the one I cut out onto the tissue paper so I could follow a pattern when cutting.

7.  Tape tissue paper to the sides and top of the box.

8.  Cut a piece of black or white poster board to size and tape the top of it to the top of the box.  For this 12 inch box, I cut it to 11 inches.

9.  Light up your light box and start taking pictures!

I'm so excited to start using this light box.  After making it, I tested it out just a tad, but nothing too big.  From what I could see, it was already taking better pictures.  I need to play around with the lighting a little still, possibly light up the sides instead o the top?  I'm not sure yet.  I may also change the interior to black.

Regardless, I'm excited and feel accomplished!  I hope that I will be able to bring you guys some nicer photography in the near future!!!  Let me know if you decide to make your own light box!

Until next time <3.

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