Puzzle Piece Nail Art - Essence Off to Miami!

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Hola amigos!  How are you today!  I have another awesome Essence polish to show you, which I have paired up with some fun nail art!  Have you been liking the Essence polishes you've seen so far?  I seriously suggest you go out and purchase them, right now!  Well, maybe after this post.

Today's polish is Off to Miami!  A super fun orange coral.  At first when I saw this bottle I had no idea what to do.  Since it's January, and this color screams summer, I was at a loss.  I just did an awesome doticure with Ultimate Pink, so I didn't want to do another.  I came across a super cute teddy bear tutorial over at Polish Pedia and I thought that I would do that with this polish.  Boy, was that a disasticure, totally wrong shade for that mani.

The color was so pretty alone, but I'm The Little Canvas, nothing can be just a one color manicure with NO details what so ever.  Earlier in the day I saw on Instagram an awesome puzzle piece nail art design, so I figured, hey why not do that with this manicure?  First I did an all black puzzle piece, but it hid the beautiful color of the polish, so I went through my stash, grabbed some colors, and viola! 

Let's take a look!

Colors Used:

  • Essence - Off to Miami!
  • Sinful Colors - Mint Apple
  • Revlon - Dreamer
  • Ulta - Flamingo
  • Sinful Colors - Black on Black
Scale of 1 to 10, the multi colored puzzle nails ranked as a pain in the butt.  First I, the hater of tape, taped off the bottom half of my nail.  I painted on a coat of Mint Apple and Flamingo at the top, removed the tape, then added Off to Miami and Dreamer.  When dried, I added the dots, but the dots were darker than the rest of the polish I painted on since it was just one lil coat.  So, I grabbed my nail art tools and started painting and filling in the color blocks to make them match the dots.  Problem: the lines were uneven.  ugh.  That meant it was time for some black polish!  With my smallest nail art brush and a toothpick, I outlined the puzzle pieces.  If I didn't have such issue with the thumb, I probably would have done all the nails.  I may do all the nails when I revisit this design at a later date with just two colors.  The four color thing, whew, girls who have done it on all the nails, I give you such credit!

Now, isn't Off to Miami! a gorgeous coral color!?  I love it.  It reminds me a tad of Sasha by Julep, only more orange.  Sasha is more on the pinky side.  I'll have to swatch them side by side to truly see.  Just like my other Essence polishes, I had complete coverage in two coats.  The brush = awesome.  Perfect width, love the rounded tip.  I seriously wish all my brushes were shaped that way.  I didn't flood my cuticle once when using it.  For nail art it worked well too.  The polish didn't dry up or become hard to work with when I was using my nail art brush and making the color block darker.  I will be using this polish for roses or funky animal prints this summer.  Oh the possibilities!

What do you think?  Love it, hate it?  Ever done the puzzle pieces?  Have Off to Miami?  Love the Essence Brush? 

I have such a huge back log of posts to share with you.  It kind of happened that when I painted this mani, earlier in the day I painted a base on, so I may be posting a super simple manicure.  Then the other day I did one mani, then refreshed it the next day so that may fall into two posts.  I'm starting to ramble here.  Anywho, we shall see what happens!  Then the beloved (ha) Valentines Day is coming up so I will hopefully have some cool manicures to show you then....maybe I'll be original lol.  Oh and my one year anniversary of the blog is happening soon too!!!  Ahh exciting times!  Okay rambling done!  See you soon! 

**Essence Off to Miami! was provided by Essence for promotional purposes.  All expressed opinions are my own. Please see my disclosure page for more info**

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  1. This is SO cute!! I really want to do another puzzle piece mani now lol! Fantastic job lady! :)

    1. I know I complained about it being a pain in my butt, but I'm going to try again I think with less colors! Maybe also do it at 9pm instead of 12am haha. Thank you!!!

  2. This is so cute!!! I love it. I have to try it.

    1. Thanks so much, Marisa!!! Can't wait to see when you do!!

  3. Super cute! I love it as an accent nail - and that Essence polish is gorgeous! I also adore Dreamer, always and forever.


Oh how I love reading all of your comments! I truly appreciate each and every single one!