Mosaic-ish Nail Art

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So remember a few days ago when I posted a simple manicure?  Well if you know me, then simple is a no go for a long time on my nails.  After wearing the plain colors for a day, I decided that some nail art was needed.

I sat for awhile trying to determine what I was going to do.  Since the manicure was already colorful, I wanted to use the same colors and not add more into the mix.  I think if I would have, it would have been way too confusing.  I was going to attempt polka dots, but with my one lonely dotting tool, they never look right.  Seriously cannot wait until my new dotting tools come!  

Then I thought I would attempt some form of a tape manicure, but scotch tape and my nails never works.  Even if the polish has been dry for over 24 hours, it always seems that the tape rips the polish off my nail.  Plus, I can never cut it in a straight line, or the polish bleeds under the's just a mess.  You can also imagine that I cannot wait for my new striping tape to come in the mail!  Ahhh so excited for all the manicures I will be able to do!

So, I decided to use the colors and create a mosaic on my nails!  I attempted a patchwork manicure which will never see the light of day on this blog and was kind of nervous when I started these.  I'm so happy I followed through and finished the mosaic, because this became one of my favorite manicures yet!

Colors Used:

  • Essence - Break Through
  • Sinful Colors - Frenzy, Sweet Dreams, Black on Black
So pretty, right?  They were beyond shiny and sparkly as well in person!!!  Best part, they were extremely easy!!!

First, I took my black polish and nail art brush and drew abstract black outlines on the purple nails.  Once they were dried, with my nail art brush, I filled in random areas with different colors.  I then took the black polish and re-outlined the black lines to clean up the and really make the colors look like they were placed in each area.

I think when I do these nails next time, I will use my smaller nail art brush for thinner lines and have the abstract shape areas be a tad smaller too.  This way, I can fit more color on the nail.  I think what I love about this design is I can combine so many different colors and still have a unique manicure!  Plus, since it's so simple, it takes a small amount of time and still makes people believe you spent hours on your nails.

What do you think?  Have you done a mosaic look on your nails before?  Or should we call it stained glass?

Again, I'm writing this post at 1am, so I hope it makes sense, I'll edit it probably around 5pm tomorrow when I come home and have the time too!!! hahaha  Until next post <3

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