Polar Bear and Penguin Nail Art :)

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These nails I am bringing you today may or may not be one of the cutest manicures I have ever done.  I would have never thought of this idea if it weren't for the wonderful Amanda from The Nail Polish Enthusiast!  For those of you who haven't heard of Amanda's blog, head on over and check it out!  She's the queen of rainbow glitter, and well in my opinion, all glitter.  Love her nails!

The other night when I was debating on what to do, I took to Twitter for some ideas, and Amanda came to my rescue!  I wanted to use one of my new white polishes, but really had no idea what I could do nail art wise.  Amanda suggested a snow scene with polar bears.  The idea sounded beyond adorable, so I had to try them.

After my little manicure that never came to be, I fell in love with the colors, so I decided on using Revlon Dreamer and Orly Angel Eyes as a base.  I grabbed my dotting tools and brushes, and started painting the little scene!  Let's take a look!

Colors Used:
  • Revlon - Dreamer
  • Orly - Angel Eyes 
  • Ulta - Snow White
  • Sinful Colors - Black on Black, Unicorn
  • Zoya - Lianne
I cannot begin to tell you how much I absolutely love Dreamer and Angel Eyes layered like this.  I used two coats of Dreamer followed by one coat of Angel Eyes.  To be honest, I wanted to keep my nails plain with no art because I could not stop staring at the blue sparkle and how it was jumping off the light blue base.  Gorgeous.

I pushed past the gorgeousness, and started painting on the snowy french tips.  With my nail art brush, I painted wavy, tips to represent snowy hills.  Once dried, it was time to add the details of my lil polar bear and penguin buddies.  For the polar bear, I used my dotting tool.  Using Snow White, I created a medium sized circle for the head, and a large circle for the body.  Since every polar bear I have ever seen tends to have a yellow tinge to them, I used Sinful Colors Unicorn to embellish the face and belly.  I wanted it to look like he was sitting down, so with my dotting tool, I added paw prints to make it seem like his feet were facing up towards us.  I then added the details of the mouth, eyes, ears, and nose with tooth picks and dotting tools.

For the penguin, I used my nail art brush.  I outlined his body with black polish, then filled it in using the same brush.  When that was dried, I took the same brush and created around belly.  With the dotting tool, I added two white circles for eyes, then made the pupil and such with smaller dotting tools.  For his beak and feet, I used a tooth pick.

My thumb was my absolute favorite, and I wish I was able to get a close up picture of just the thumb.  Sadly, this manicure was my first using the lightbox, so since I was getting used to it, I couldn't capture a picture of it.  As you can see from the full hand shot, you can see that the lil guys are holding "hands".  Such happy little things.  Love it.

What do you think??  

I sincerely thank Amanda for the idea!!!  Hope to brainstorm manicure ideas with her again in the near future.  

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