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Good morning polished world!  It is May already!  Can you believe it?  I swear it was just March and I was posting St. Patrick's Day manicures.  It's just crazy.

Since it is the first post of the month, you know what that means!  It's time to introduce you all to another Nail Artist of the Month  This month I have selected the talented Jennifer from Aggies Do It Better!  I met her on Twitter and we bonded over our love of Zoya polishes.  I'm so happy to finally feature her because she has created some very unique manicures.  Some of my favorites are those that are done using the Zoya Pixie Dust polishes.  You all know how much I love Pixie Dust art.

Enough of my babbling, it's Jennifer's turn to take over!!!! 

Hey guys! I'm Jennifer and I'm so excited Alania asked me to be her May artist of the month! I have been a fan of her for a long time! We met on twitter last fall, right around the time Zoya was doing their flash promos for the holidays. There was so many twitter direct messages about the excitement of it all! Ha ha!

For my mani today I chose one of my favorite looks, colorblocking. I was so afraid of using striping tape for so long, once I finally got some I never used it and lost it! Then I had to go get some MORE and now I love it! I love all things geometric.

I still feel pretty new in the nail world. I've been blogging for several years, but only in January of this year did I decide to change the focus of my blog to nails! I have 3 little boys so doing nails has given me an outlet for all things girly!

The polishes I used are all part of a limited edition set Zoya put out last month, called the Peter Som trio. These polishes were made for each other! To achieve this look, I started with a white base and let it dry for several hours....I usually let it dry longer than it needs to probably! Then apply strips of tape as you like and fill in the squares. I usually use a dotting tool on smaller squares and the polish brush on larger squares. Be sure to remove the tape right away, before the polish sets! And that's it!

Thanks so much! Stop by and say hi!


What a gorgeous color block manicure!  Aren't her lines perfect?!  The colors are also amazing together.  The blue, the dark teal, and the light orange against the white, it's just awesome.

Thank you so much Jen for creating this manicure!  Make sure to follow her on her social networks (BlogInstagramFacebookTwitterYouTubeBlogLovin).  You'll be sorry if you don't because you're going to miss some amazing manicures.

Don't forget to check out the previous Nail Artist's of the Month as well! 

Time to start selecting my next artist....until next time <3.

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