Poppy Nail Art For Memorial Day

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Good morning polished world and Happy Memorial Day Weekend!  Do you have any plans?  I have a busy weekend planned followed by a giant barbecue on Monday.  I can't wait, I have been craving a hot dog with some potato salad and watermelon since last summer.  It's going to be 80 degrees here on Monday so it's perfect weather for barbecue!

The barbecues and celebrations wouldn't be possible if it weren't for those we are honoring on Memorial Day.  We must not forget the brave men and women who passed away while protecting our freedoms and serving our country.  In remembrance each year, you can find veterans selling  remembrance poppies in the mall or outside of the post office.

After seeing a local veteran sitting at a table filled with remembrance poppies, I decided to attempt to paint them on my nails.  I wasn't sure where to start, so I searched "Poppy nail art" on Google and found this amazing manicure by Paulina's Passions.  I loved the look of her manicure, and since she had an easy to follow tutorial, I decided to attempt them myself!

Let's take a look!

Colors Used:
  • OPI - My Vampire is Buff
  • Mint - Sweet Liberty
  • Zoya - Tilda
  • Orly - Liquid Vinyl
I love how the poppies pop off the nude background.  My Vampire is Buff is such a gorgeous cream that I'm super happy I picked up last year.  Now that it's part of the core OPI collection at Sally Beauty, I'll be using this polish a lot more since I know I can easily access back ups.  After I applied two coats of My Vampire is Buff, I let them dry and did not add a matte top coat like Paulina did in her tutorial.

After my base was dry, I used a nail art brush and Sweet Liberty by Mint to create the poppies.  This polish is a perfect poppy orange red.  I received it last year in a Nail Art Society Kit and am kicking myself that it took this long to use it.  

As the red poppies were drying, I used Zoya Tilda to create the stems of the poppies using a nail art brush.  Then, with my base color, I created the centers of the poppies.  Then I used my Liquid Vinyl to create the poppy seeds in the center, then followed by very small dots of My Vampire is Buff on top.  I added my Out the Door top coat and enjoyed!

I love the end result of my poppies!  I wasn't 100%  sure after I applied the red base of them, but after I added the details of the centers the look really came to life!  I think they would have looked gorgeous with a matte top coat, or even if I followed what Paulina did and used the matte base then added the art on top.  I loved the contrast between matte and shiny on hers!

What do you think?  Enjoying the remembrance poppies?

I hope that everyone has a safe and Happy Memorial Day!  If you are going to drink, remember to do so responsibly.

Until next time, <3.

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