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Happy Monday polished world!  Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!  I'm starting off this week with a review of a new polish for me, Piggy Paint!  Piggy Paint Natural as Mud polish is non-toxic, odor less, and kid friendly.  This all natural polish was created by a mother of two young girls.  One day while the girls were painting their nails on a foam plate, the solvent based polish that they were using began to bubble and eat away at the plate.  After seeing how harmful these polishes can be, Piggy Paint was born!

I am a girl who has many allergies, one to Formaldehyde Resin which can be found as an ingredient still in some solvent based polishes, including SOME OPI (mainly old core colors).  My most recent OPI with this ingredient on the label was Miss You-niverse from the Miss Universe 2013 collection.  While people say "Oh this isn't the same formaldehyde that was the dangerous one" it still causes me to have horrible rashes.  All polishes I purchase and use are 3 or 5 free.  I love companies such as Zoya, Sally Hansen, Orly, and Sinful Colors because I always know that the chemicals I have a problem with won't be in there.

When I was contacted by Piggy Paint, read a little bit about their company/polish, I became ecstatic to try the brand.  A polish that promises to be odorless and all natural....come on, that is amazing!  Don't get me wrong, I love my polishes, but sometimes the smells can give me a migraine.

The company sent me the Make it Last set which had a Basecoat and Topcoat along with the Birthday Bash set which contained three polishes.  The packaging was so adorable, you must click here to see!  I wanted to use all three polishes for today's design to really test them out with nail art while reviewing the application on the nail itself.  I have seen a tape manicure floating around Instagram by lots of girls which I thought would be perfect for an accent.

Let's take a look!

Colors Used:
  • Piggy Paint - PINKie Promise, Groovy Grape, Sea-quin
  • Sinful Colors - Snow Me White
Now, if I had a white polish from the brand I promise I would have used that for the base of my funky accent.  For my accent nail, I obviously started off with a base coat of white polish and let that dry.  For that nail, I used my normal Nicole by OPI Base Coat Plus.  I did this so I could compare the wear between my regular polish and the Piggy Paint.

While my white was drying, I applied the Piggy Paint base coat to my other nails.  This kind of had a light odor to it.  It kind of smelled like when you clip geraniums in the garden.....weird smell to recognize,but that's really what it reminded me off.  After about 60 seconds, my nail wasn't shiny like it is with my usual base coat, but more buff looking.  I then applied a thin coat of each of the Piggy Paints.  I started with Sea-quin on my pinkie because look at that color.  A gorgeous teal blue polish which really had full application in one coat.  I did apply another though after waiting 60 seconds, which made it really pop.

The second nail I did was Groovy Grape on my middle finger.  This is such a fun shimmery purple shade.  It applied better than most of my shimmer polishes and left no brush marks on the nail.  I used three coats above.  The last nail I applied was PINKie Promise, a really fun bright pink.  This one gave me a tad bit of trouble.  I had to use four coats because it applied a little streaky.  My swatch is a tad bumpy because I got impatient and kind of started layering it on thick to get it to even out.  The color was worth it though because it was so bright and cheery.  I added the Piggy Paint top coat on top of all the nails and let them dry while I played around with my accent nail.

Goodness gracious was this accent nail a pain in the behind to do.  So many pieces of tape!   I had to do the middle section first, remove the tape, then do the outer edges.  In total, about little 21 pieces of tape were used.  Piggy Paint though was AMAZING when it came to nail art!  The polishes are so color saturated that I didn't have to fill in the little squares numerous time.  One dot with my dotting tool and each "well" was filled.

I had a hunch that they would be similar to my Orly Instant Artists which are also water based.  When I messed up the first time with the tape, I already applied some color.  I took a damp napkin, and sure enough, the design wiped right off and I was able to start over without damaging my white base.

Wear time: same as my regular polish which really impressed me.  On my right hand, two of my nails popped off but it happened to my chemical accent and one of my Piggy Paint nails, so it's not like it was one or the other.  Just a weird thing that's been happening lately.

What do you think?  Liking the tape manicure?  Loving the colors?

I LOVED this manicure.  I love everything about Piggy Paint.  Minus that base coat, the polish truly was odorless.  I could have painted all night!  They have a variety of colors and gift sets which would be perfect for any polish enthusiast, no matter the age.  The bottles retail for $8.99 each, but if you use the promo code piggypaint5, you will receive 15% off your entire order until June 30th.

That's not all!  The awesome people at Piggy Paint are offering my readers a giveaway of their Little Miss Firecracker Gift Set!  This set retails for $24.99 and contains Sometimes Sweet, Glitter Bug, and Tea Party for Two...perfect colors for Fourth of July, which will be here before we know it!  A winner will be selected on May 19th, so you ladies have two weeks to enter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I hope you enter and try out this amazing brand!  I think it is great for any of those polish mommies who want to paint their itty bitty's nails, as well as their own!  Their site has some amazing little tips to make nail polish time a learning time as well.  It's really awesome!

Well, I have babbled enough today, until next time, <3.

**Products in this post were provided for review, please see my disclosure policy**

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