Too Yacht to Handle and Endless Blue Dotticure

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Good Morning and Happy Friday!  This week has been so weird because of Memorial Day!  Monday felt like Sunday, which meant Tuesday felt like Monday.  This happens to me every single time that there is a holiday that falls on a Monday and I don't have to work.

Since I thought today was Thursday, I almost forgot to schedule a post.  I also noticed tonight that I have a huge back log of posts and photos to edit.  I don't understand how I keep falling so far behind with sharing manicures.  I need to get my booty in motion.

Today I am sharing a manicure I did last week after seeing this manicure by Oh My Gosh Polish.  I loved the combination of China Glaze Too Yacht to Handle and Sinful Colors Endless Blue.  Plus the design is nothing short of amazing.  I grabbed my polishes and got to work.  Since it was late the night I did the look, I decided to skip the tape and triangle nails and just do a full dotticure.

Let's take a look!

Colors Used:
  • Sinful Colors - Snow Me White
  • China Glaze - Too Yacht to Handle
  • Sinful Colors - Endless Blue
Aren't these colors just perfect together?  I love the blue against the aqua, it's just an awesome combination in my opinion.  Too Yacht To Handle is one of my new favorite polishes.  I purchased it last winter because I missed it in all the stores last summer along with That's Shore Bright.  Sure I paid a little more than what I would have if I would have grabbed them from the local beauty store, but they were both totally worth it.  As a base an a nail art polish, it's so bright and cheerful.

Endless Blue by Sinful Colors is an amazing dupe of Essie's Butler Please.  I always kicked myself for never purchasing Butler Please because the color was to die for.  After months of being depressed due to missing out, I stumbled upon Endless Blue and couldn't be happier.  How could you go wrong with a $1.99 duplicate of a $8.00 polish?!  Plus, according to some reviews I've read, the Sinful has a better formula.  I can't confirm obviously since I don't own the Essie.

Oh how I love my dotting tools.  I honestly believe that they should be in every nail artist's tool kit.  Even though bobbing pins and toothpicks do the trick, I find a dotting tool to be so much easier to use.  If you don't have any, you can purchase the set that I have from the BornPretty Store.  For  10%, you can use the code AMBK31!

What do you think of the manicure?  Love it, hate it?  Are you a fan of the color combo?

I hope you all enjoy your weekend!  Until next time, <3.

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