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I'm sure a lot of you are going "Huh?" right now at the title of this post!  Big Daddy Beauty is a wholesale supplier which sells lots of amazing beauty favorite, China Glaze.  For example, a bottle of I'm Not Lion (my favorite glitter polish) is only $4.00 on their website!

Well, the website is holding a sweepstakes where one lucky winner will receive a $500 shopping spree!  Amazing right?  Think of all the China Glaze's you could buy with that much money!!!  Second place will receive $250, and third place $100.  To enter, click here!  Please read the rules before entering, I believe you have to be 18 or older!  No purchase necessary to enter!

Good Luck!!!

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  1. I entered!!! It would be super sweet to win :) thanks for posting this!!!

    1. I entered also! if i win i'm doing a giveaway! hahaha

  2. Thanks for sharing, Little Canvas and thanks for entering, Skeeter! -Jessica (


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