The Favorites of 2012!

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The year 2012 has come to a close, and so has an amazing almost year of nail blogging.  I cannot believe that in February I will be hitting my one year anniversary on this blog!  I was thinking of holding off on doing a post such as this until then, but between now and then, I'm sure I'll have dozens of new manicures fighting to be my favorite. 

When I was tagged on Instagram to pick my favorite manicures of 2012, I went through all my posts and just was amazed at how much I have grown.  My nails are longer, my pictures are clearer (for the most part), and my lines are a lot smoother and neater.  My most recent accomplishment is not flooding my cuticles.  After looking through all of them, I narrowed down my favorite manicures to the following six.
I kind of hate how I set this up on Instagram because they all were my favorite but the roses were like the center of now I guess I'll rank them.  

Here we top 6!

1.   Pandas! - I did these guys for the Black and White day on the challenge I so lovingly quit.  I need to pick back up on that eventually.  I love doing animal nails, and these guys were just so adorable.  I loved the accent nail of paw prints....I really think that made the manicure what it was!

  1. The Natural Leopard Spots - done again for the challenge, this was my first leopard manicure done with actual leopard colors.  Throughout the year, I have done numerous neon leopard spotted manicures, which I loved, but this one was my favorite of all.  I think it was because of that glitter accent nail.
  1. Dotted Flowers! - This was a manicure I copied from Nicole over at Young, Wild, and Polished.  This manicure was one of my first successful attempts at dot flowers.  The glitter, the dots, the flowers, everything was just perfect with this manicure.  I was beyond thrilled that I was able to achieve this manicure, especially since Nicole is a dotting master, and well I'm far from!
  1. Red Roses - Aren't they pretty?  I love painting roses on my nails.  It's one of the easiest flowers for me to do!  These ones were just so large on the nail and looked almost like a stained glass pattern in real life.  I have a tutorial post for these I just haven't gotten around to posting them!  I'll be doing that sometime before my one year anniversary! I swear!
  1. Birthday Cupcakes - The blue, the glitter, the cupcakes, need I say more?  I loved them!
  1. Santa! - I've done leprechauns, gnomes, and a bunch of animals, but these guys were just so adorable! 

So, those were my favorites, let's take a look at what my top 3 (okay top 4 because I think the views for #3 are due to google) posts were according to page views!

1.  Converse Nails - my neon, rainbow shoes!  So adorable.

2.  Metallic Clouds/Scalloped Tips - my first successful attempt at the "cloud" manicure, or what others call scalloped tips.

3.  Grape Nails - Grapes and grape vines...first time using my nail art brushes!

4.  Retro Polka Dots - Retro dot manicure on Sinful Colors Mint Green = love.

What do you think?  Are any of these your favorite or did you have something else??  

I cannot wait to see what 2013 has in store for me and this blog!  Hopefully I will continue to impress you guys and maybe even inspire a few as well!  Since this was a special post I wasn't originally going to do, tomorrow I will still be bringing you my New Years Eve manicure...then from there, unless I have something urgent to say, I will be posting every three days again!  Until then, <3!

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