Nailed it NZ guest post - landscape nail art!

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Hi everyone, I'm Jessie from Nailed it NZ! It's great to be guest posting on The Little Canvas today - thanks for having me Alaina!
When it comes to nail art, I'm one of the crazy ones. I rarely do the same manicure twice and I will try absolutely anything, just for the challenge. Because of this I have a folder in my computer that has several failed designs that will never make it to the internet!

These nails are a good example of my inner-crazy. I was looking around for inspiration and thought the painting on my wall would be something different! 

The painting below was done by my husband's great grandmother, who, as you can see was a very talented artist! We were gifted the painting for our wedding earlier this year, and it's been hanging proudly on our wall ever since! I decided to take inspiration from bits of the painting - my thumbs were the tree in the foreground, my pointer and middle fingers were the trees and the ring and pinky fingers were just hills.

Pack'a'Punch Polish recently made these awesome nail art doodle sheets, which I found very useful for this! Unfortunately messy me destroyed this sheet of paper in just one manicure - I'll have to be tidier next time! I have a book around somewhere that I doodle my more complicated manis in sometimes, but it disappeared a while ago so it's good to have something to use again :).

 Nature and I are friends. I love how beautifully imperfect it is; it has such a calming effect on me. As you can see, these nails are far from being perfect, but I'm okay with that! 

 Here's a picture of both hands, so you can see that I did the same design on both.

The only part that kind of annoys me is on the pointer finger, where the trees shadow runs into the river. It wasn't meant to happen that way, I just painted it on wrong. Oh well...

By the way, I painted it all on with a liner brush. It was actually very messy and not very precise - but as I said before, so is nature! I cleaned up around my cuticles with a thin brush I have.

Here's a better look at my thumbs...

And here's the mess I made of the nail art doodle sheet! Oops!

Thanks for reading, and if you like my nail art pop by Nailed it NZ and say hi!

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  1. These are so awesome! Tiny little masterpieces!

  2. You are truly amazing! Thank God for all those pictures, such and an impressive work of art!

  3. This is epic!! Inspiration from the!

  4. I know you already have a strong following, but I nominated because your blog is awesome!!

  5. Now this is art! Defenetly not at my range, can't make it. Amazing job and patience!


Oh how I love reading all of your comments! I truly appreciate each and every single one!