It's Christmas Eve!! - Christmas Dot Nails!

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So, it turns out that I did have an extra Christmas manicure!  I was originally just going to post two nails on Christmas Day, but these nails are stinky in comparison to what I have for you guys tomorrow!  Seriously, my pictures of my Christmas manicure came out perfectly!!!  They're outdoor, in the sun, with a snow background.  The glitt.....wait, why am I explaining this'll have to wait until tomorrow!

Today I bring you what was originally going to be my Christmas manicure, until I realized there was in no way shape or form that I would be able to keep the same design on my nails for 6 days.  After wearing these nails for 1 day I had tip wear and had to touch them up for the photos.  Not to mention, typing all day long at work didn't help them at all, by day 3 they were done for.  Thank heavens though that the end of  the world didn't come and I was able to paint on a spectacular manicure for Christmas.

I ran out of nail art ideas, okay that's a lie.  I had an idea for trees but they turned out to be a complete disaster, therefore leaving me to run out.  I didn't know what to do, so I went to searching.  I found a manicure that was simple red and green dots and thought "hey I could do something like that!"  I put on a brave face, grabbed my dotting tool, and attempted a dot-icure....let's see what you guys think!

Colors Used:
  • Base
    • Sinful Colors - Snow Me White
    • NYC Color - Vinyl Shine (a frosty white)
    • Sally Hansen - Disco Ball
  • Dots
    • Sinful Colors - Snow Me White, Sugar, Sugar, and HD Nails
When I did these nails, I did not want them to be just a plain white base.  They needed something different to give them some sort of depth.  After doing one coat of Snow Me White, I grabbed Disco Ball, but was not really happy with the results.  I searched my stash and found a really old bottle of New York Color Vinyl Shine.  To be honest, I'm not sure if this is the name of the polish, but according to Google, it made sense.  It is a frosted white polish which I purchased probably in the 10th grade.  It's a little thick, but still gave an awesome frosted look to my nails.  I thought that the base looked a little like snow, so I added some Disco Ball to make them extra sparkly!

I then started making the dots randomly.  I started with the white polish, followed by the green, then finally the red.  I tried to make them alternating in size, sort of like a dot gradient, but it didn't really turn out exactly how a dot gradient should.

I'm very pleased though with my dotting skills.  If I tried a manicure like this six months ago, it would have been awful.  All the dots would have bled into one another or not been circular.  Seriously, I was awful with the dotting tool.

What do you think?  Acceptable pre-Christmas manicure?  What are you all sporting on your nails this Christmas Eve??  Send me a tweet!  I love seeing different nails and nail art!!!

Hope you all have a safe Christmas Eve and I will see you back here tomorrow for my spectacular Christmas post!  <3

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