New Years Eve Manicure! - Metallic Clouds - Take 2

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Happy New Years Eve!!!!  How are you guys going to celebrate tonight??  Personally, I'm going to be an old lady and Dick Clark's Rockin New Years Eve.  I will also most likely be in bed by 1am.  I'm not a huge party person, and am very much a home body.  I do go out with friends to the mall and stuff, but partying, clubbing...ehhh hate it.

Even though I'll be staying in, I still painted my nails just for the occasion!  Thankfully it wasn't a disasticure either!  I was very nervous it would be seeing as I broke a nail while jumping on a bounce house with my nephew, and had to chop all my nails down.  If this break happened anywhere other than a bounce house, I'd probably be really angry.

For the manicure, I wanted to include silver, gold, and black, as these are the colors that stand out to me when I think New Years Eve.  I remembered the metallic clouds/scalloped tip manicure I did a few months ago and loved how much the metallic looked with a cream polish in the middle.  It was one of those manicures I could not stop looking at.  I decided to try that look again with these colors.

Let's see how they turned out....

Colors Used:

  • Sinful Colors - Black on Black
  • Silver
    • Sally Hansen - Celeb City
    • Sinful Colors - Queen of Beauty
  • Gold
    • Sally Hansen - Golden I
    • China Glaze - I'm Not Lion
Sparkly, metallic-y....totally screaming New Years Eve if you ask me!  Achieving this look is rather simple, and requires no nail art brushes what so ever. Begin by painting on a base color of your choice.  When your base is dried, take your second polish and place the brush half way up the nail.  I let the polish pool  bit to make a rounded edge, then pull towards the tip of my nail.  I then do the same thing a little lower to give the scalloped/cloud look.  When this coat is dried, repeat this step with your third polish.

I'm happy I decided to layer glitter over the gold and silver polishes.  You can't really see the silver glitter over the silver, but you can see the holo specks of I'm Not Lion over the gold!  I just love how they turned out!

What do you think?  What are you sporting on your canvas' for New Years Eve?

I truly hope that everyone has a SAFE and blessed New Year!  Emphasis on the safe, please do not drink and drive, and be cautious of others on the road!  See you all back here in a few days <3

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  1. HAA! I love this!! It looks beautiful and I like how you alternated the clouds and colors. Lovely :D

    Happy new year Alaina!

    Kat Hooked On Polish (Something went wrong :P)

  2. Happy New Year, Alaina!!

    I decided just to paint my nails red for New Year... Because I thought that I have not wore a simple mani in months lol


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