Snowflake Nail Art

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It has finally become an appropriate time to post this manicure!  I painted these in the beginning of December in hopes that we would get some snow, but alas, snow never came.  I tucked them away once I started all my Christmas nail art and planned on saving them for the day when the snow finally came.  And finalllyyy, it was this week!!  We ended up with a white Christmas which I do not think has happened in a few years.  My mind might be a little fuzzy, but I clearly remember last year having a green Christmas.

Last night we got hit with a snow storm that left us with a foot of snow!  I love it, call me weird and crazy, but it's just so pretty!  The pine trees tonight were all still covered from 24 hours earlier and it really was a winter wonderland.  If New Years Eve weren't right around the corner, I'd be grabbing my nail art brushes and re-paint this manicure just to celebrate the snow! 

Let's take a look! Guess where these pictures were may or may not have been outside of Sally Beauty during the .5 seconds of sun.

Colors Used:
  • Sinful Colors - Precious Metal
  • Sinful Colors - Snow Me White
To get these nails, I painted on 3 coats of Precious Metal, my favvvorite "metallic" polish.  It was sold as part of the Sinful Colors Metallic collection so that's why I put metallic in quotations.  To me, it is not a true metallic polish since it doesn't have that frosty, metallic look.  The glitter flecks in it give it a sort of metallic-y gleam I guess, so that's why it may have been included in this collection.  I'm a sucker for blue polishes, so I had to purchase it, and for 99 cents, how could anyone go wrong?  It's a tad sheer, but builds up nicely in three coats, and leaves you with a gorgeous dark blue, glittery, shimmery nail.

To get the snowflakes, I painted them on using one of my nail art brushes and Snow Me White.  I didn't like how the snowflakes looked on the nail with nothing in the background, so with my dotting tool, I added some white little snow-dots. 

What do you think?  Have you done snowflake nails yet?  Did you get hit by the snow storm?  Do you own Precious Metal and love it as much as I do?

It seems I have entered the nail art funk again.  I tried to do some superhero nails and had 3 disasticures, but have some really awesome magnetic nails on right now.  I'll be posting them after the New Year!  I'm hoping my funk goes bye bye and I'm able to create a pretty New Years Eve manicure!  If not, then you will be seeing a Year in Review post from me on NYE!  Until then, have a good one! <3

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  1. These are great! I'm a blue lover too x x x

  2. I loved your snowflakes, I tried some using the BM plates, but yours handmade snowflakes are gorgeous!


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