Salon Perfect Neon Pop Grunge Nails

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Happy Sunday polished world!  How are you all today?  Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend.  Why are weekends so short?  It literally feels like yesterday was Friday and the weekend was just beginning. Goodness, time moves too fast.

Today I have a fun neon manicure using some of the Salon Perfect Neon Pop! polishes.  I received these polishes as a prize during the #NailGlossip Twitter chat a month or so ago!  Speaking of #NailGlossip, I think it's tonight at 9pm EST, so you really should join in!

After seeing this manicure by Casey Lane Loves Polish, I knew I had to use these neon polishes to recreate the look!  In the past, I have done grunge manicures but this one is my all time favorite!  It looks so 80s retro!

Enough of my babbling about it, let's take a look! 

Colors Used:
  • Salon Perfect - Sugar Cube, Traffic Cone, Yowza Yellow, Loopy Lime, Gone Sailing, Perky Pink, Fired Up Fuschia,  and Flamingo Flair
Awesome, right?  Now while I have seven of the colors listed, I didn't technically use all seven on each of the nails.  For instance, I think Flamingo Flair was used on two out of ten nails just to blend in some colors and fill up random white bald spots.

I started with a base coat of Sugar Cube which is Salon Perfect's white polish.  Awesome application for a white polish.  I used two coats and there were no streaks.  Definitely adding it to my list of must have whites, although I might not be purchasing it when this bottle runs out.  My WalMart has a really cruddy selection of Salon Perfect's and unfortunately they are abused by the customers who feel it is necessary to paint the display and give themselves manicures while they shop.  I think SP needs to put themselves into a Rite Aid or something.

Anywho, when my white base was dry, I took my colors and started brushing them on the nail.  I used the technique which Chalkboard Nails taught us in her grunge manicure tutorial.  It's hard for me to explain, but you wipe practically all the polish off the brush so that the bristles have just enough on them.  Then you swipe it randomly along your nail so it looks like brush strokes.  I do this with one color at a time and fill in the empty spaces.

This is the first time I did horizontal and vertical stripes and I'm really loving how it came together.  Last two manicures I did, I just went down the nail.  Yes, it looked awesome, but this just looks so much better in my opinion.

What do you think?  Loving the look?

I'm loving these Salon Perfect neons.  Such a great prize!  Thank you so much to the ladies of #NailGlossip and Salon Perfect!

Until next time, <3.

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