Twinsie Tuesday: Inspired by a Book

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Happy Tuesday polished world!  Can you believe that Tuesday is already here again?  Crazy.  But that means it is Twinsie Tuesday!  Today we are posting manicures inspired by a book.

Now I haven't been reading much lately at all.  After I finished Fault in Our Stars, I kind of started using my Nook for games instead of actual reading.  Especially since Allegiant has been annoying me so much.  It's been months and I can't finish it.  Therefore I wasn't going to paint my nails to match it.

So what to do what to do.  Well, while searching around the wonderful world of Instagram, I stumbled upon this adorable whale manicure and had to re-create it right away.  While I was painting the little guys on my nails, it hit me....the background of my Nook is a little Moby Dick whale!

In the end, my manicure is inspired by my Nook, which is inspired by a book, which I don't think I ever read.  Let's take a look!

Colors Used:
  • Sinful Colors - Endless Blue
  • Sinful Colors - Blue Lucite
  • Sinful Colors - Cool Grey
  • OPI - Love Angel Music Baby
  • Orly Instant Artist White and Black

The original manicure is so much better than mine.  I'm very meh about it.  I think it's because my whale was kind of weird looking.  I think he would have been cuter in blue like the original one.  Also, I love the yellow nautical nail way more than mine.  Ehhh.  Oh well.

I should have taken a photo of the cute whale on my thumb.  Yes, it's in the whole hand photo, but it's not a macro which would have been super adorable.  He was really my only favorite nail of this whole manicure.  Okay, that's a tad of a lie, Endless Blue is gorgeous and a polish I need to use way more often.

For reference, this is the background of my  Nook.  Who knew you could do a screen cap on one!  I may or may not have scrolled over a page from my main one so you couldn't see that literally all I do is play games.  I may or may not be playing Kardashian Hollywood....may or may not.  Anywho, I just love the little background and think he's so cute.  I guess my guy does kind of look like him!

What do you think?  Liking the look?

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Until next time!!! <3 

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