Twinsie Tuesday: Sideways French Manicure

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Good morning polished world!  Happy Tuesday!  Which is the last Tuesday of August....can you believe it?  I can't.  I honestly feel like there wasn't a summer this year.  As I type this, there is a Tim Horton's commercial on TV talking about a pumpkin pie ice cap.  Come on, it's still August...ugh.  I'm going to hold on to summer as long as I can.  And what better way to do that then with a fun neon manicure?!

Today for Twinsie Tuesday we are doing sideways french manicures.  I'm not a fan of the traditional french manicure, so I pinned this design months and months ago because it really was quite lovely looking.  Who would have thought it would look quite horrid on my own nails.  Okay, maybe not horrid, but I just wasn't a fan of them on my nail shape.

Only part of my mani I really enjoyed was the neon skittles.  Let's take a look! 

Colors Used
  • Salon Perfect - Loopy Lime, Bermuda Baby
  • Orly - Glowstick, Oh Cabana Boy, Melt Your Popsicle, Liquid Vinyl
So stinking bright!  I am shocked my camera captured their full brightness!  I did three coats of all the neon polishes.  I could have gotten away with two on Loopy Lime, Oh Cabana Boy, and Bermuda Baby, but I really wanted them to be super bright.  Glowstick and Melt Your Popsicle were very thin so I really needed 3 coats to get them to be opaque.  I didn't mind though because in the end they were awesome looking.

When all the bases were dry, I used a nail art brush and Liquid Vinyl to create the sideways french tip.  I like how the black looked against the neon.  Just not liking how it looked on my nail.

So I painted this manicure on Saturday night, photographed it Sunday morning, then by Sunday afternoon destroyed it.  It wasn't intentional either!  I ended up catching my thumb in a spring loaded stall door causing the largest and ugliest blood blister on my left thumb.  Today when I took all the polish off I saw that there is a nice little bruise under the nail.  Currently counting my blessings that I didn't catch it any lower because I'm pretty sure the injury would have been a lot worse.

Do you like the mani?  Loving the neons?

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Until next time, <3.

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