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Happy Monday polished world!  How are you all today?  As promised, today I am sharing a review of some awesome all natural nail polish remover!  I wanted to have it up last Thursday, but I came down with a nasty little bug and I didn't have the energy to write up a decent enough post.

Now that I'm feeling better, I am back and ready to review the awesome removers from Katarina Naturals!  These polish removers are Made in America and not tested on animals.  They are made from agricultural products (mostly corn), which makes them more "green".  Their pink bottle formulation contains acetone, while the blue bottle does not.  Since these products do not contain 100% acetone, they are less drying to the nails and cuticles.  You all may remember my story about how weak and brittle my nails got after using pure acetone, which led to many breaks and sad days for this little nail blogger.  Due to that, I'm a huge fan of anything which is less damaging to my nails!

I received the All Natural Acetone Based Nail Polish Remover and the All Natural Nail Polish Remover with no Acetone.  The pink bottle has less than 45% acetone in the mix and it's ingredients include; acetone, water, ethyl alcohol, n-butyl alcohol, glycerin, aloe vera, and fragrance in the form of essential grapefruit oil. The blue bottle contains no acetone and it's ingredients are; ethyl alcohol, water, n-butyl acetate, n-butanol, and spearmint oil for fragrance.  The solvents in both are from corn stock.

Let's say hello again to my Salon Perfect Neon Pop manicure!  This manicure had two coats of white polish for a base, the random streaks of color which could count for one more coat, then one coat of clear top coat.  When I remove my nail polish, I use square pieces of craft felt.  I have found it's easier to remove polish using these than cotton balls, especially when it comes to glitter removal.

I fold the square piece in half and place it around the top of the remover bottle and let it get saturated.  The remover has a strong scent to it.  I can smell the acetone, but you can smell that it is mixed with the grapefruit oil.  It does have a fruity scent, but it is a tad too strong for me.  It kind of reminded me of a stronger version of my Beauty Secrets pink remover from Sally Beauty Supply.

When my felt is saturated, I rub it across the nail a few times or until the polish comes off completely.  One square piece usually will remove at least 5 nails worth of polish using my store bought polish remover.  I was rather interested to see if one piece would get me through one hand using this remover.  Pictured above is my piece of felt which I brushed across my nail about 3 to 4 times with a little pressure.  It removed the same as my store bought remover.

Happy days!  One piece of felt removed all five of my nails on my left hand!  It does look like my middle finger has some residue left on it, but that white spot is from where I banged my nail and it got a little damaged.  At least, I think that's what those white spots are from when they appear.  I never really know.

Now it came time to remove the polish on my right hand!  For this hand, I decided to use the blue bottle of remover!  I did the same thing I did with my left hand and the pink bottle.  I folded a square of felt in half then saturated it.  Then I got to removing.  I really, really, really, really, REALLY loved the scent of this remover!  It has the most minty fresh scent ever!  It reminded me almost of toothpaste!!  Compared to the nasty smell of some removers, this was a great and pleasant alternative! 

I had to use two squares of felt to remove all 5 nails on my right hand.  One square removed 3 nails.  It did take a little longer than the acetone based remover, but obviously that was because this contains no acetone at all.  To me, I rather have a slightly longer removal process instead of using acetone which destroyed my nails in the past.  Plus, it was really only about 2 minutes longer, not 2 hours.

Overall thoughts:
I loved both products.  If I had to pick a favorite, I would select the blue bottle which contains no acetone.  I really loved that fresh peppermint scent!  If you're a glitter wearer, you could use either bottle, but I would suggest using a soaking method.  Be it using those little pink pods or the foil method.  Sure, it takes a little longer, but why should we be rushing while doing our nails?  Manicure time is relaxation time!

If you would like to learn more about the products, please visit the Katarina Naturals Website!  I love their slogan "Take it Easy on Yourself."  Just hearing that makes me relaxed!

The 4 oz pink bottle can be purchased here on Amazon for $5.99, and the 4 oz. blue bottle can be purchased here on Amazon for $6.99.

Hope you all have a great day! <3

**Products were provided for my honest review. Please see my disclosure policy**

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