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I must start this post off by thanking Tianne for sharing her AWESOME Galaxy Nails on my blog!!!  If you have yet to see them, please click here to go see and leave her a comment!  Anytime you want to guest blog again Tianne, just let me know!!!!

Now to my crappy nails which I wish did not have to follow Tianne's since they complete stink in comparison.  I have no idea what to call these nails, all I know is that they're rather perfect for Father's Day because they kind of remind me of a tie.  Mainly since they're blue, but hey, it works right?

This is my first paint job after The Great Injury of 2012 and was unsure if I was going to post it at all.  @PlaidMcPlatypus gave me the idea to put a band-aid on my nail with a lil drawing.  Instead of doing that, I went and photoshopped a sad face onto my pointer nail.  If it weren't for her, I never would have thought of this and I would probably still be sitting days later on my butt wondering "Should I paint my nails blue or purple?"  I think my lil photoshopping made this post more amusing hahah.

We shall start with pictures of my right hand.

And now for my Sad Left Hand that I normally photograph -

Colors Used:
  • Base
    • Color Club - My Mystery blue polish which I believe is Factory Girl
  • Glitter
    • Sinful Colors - Hottie
  • Accent Line
    • Sinful Colors - Midnight Blue
  • Top Coat
    • My new Out the Door Fast Dry! which I LOVE!
I have been dying to use Hottie for the longest time.  It is an amazing glitter set in a jelly blue base which I was very hesitant on purchasing.  I am beyond happy I did, because the few times I have used it, I am beyond in love.

I DO NOT want to hear from anyone "I can't do that manicure!"  It was done all with  regular brushes, except the accent line with a striper.

A simple manicure, which I'm eh about, mainly because my lack of left finger nail, the lines being funky (thank you exhaustion), and the fact my pictures just aren't amazing.  Can I tell you how difficult it is to photograph your dominant hand with your non-dominant?  I seriously felt like I had never used my left hand to even lift an object before in my life.  I'll use this time to practice photographing both hands.  I always do my nail art on both hands, so I think it would be cool to post both hands, especially on my more intricate designs.

Have you ever attempted to photograph your dominant hand?  Any tips?

Until the next post, have a great one and Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there! :D

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  1. I sometimes do two different designs on each hand (I know... tacky maybe? smart.. I think so!) so I sometimes photograph my right hand with my left. I have a stabilizer setting on my camera (phone) so I use that to help not get any blurry pics. Other than that- practice! I also love the frowny face. That was a sad situation. :(


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