The Simple and Diseased Manicure

11:47:00 PM

I'm not sure if you know this or not, but I stink at simple manicures!  Whenever I attempt them, something goes wrong.  Of course, this simplest of simple mani's had a problem.

When I sat down to paint my nails, I was not in the mood to do any form of nail art.  I was having a lazy night and didn't want to touch a tooth pick or a dotting tool.  I could not though just do a plain swatch of color, so I decided to grab some glitter and do an accent nail and be done with it.

Here's what I came up with: (first two pictures are in the sun, rest are in the shade)

Colors Used:

  • Sinful Colors - Sweet Dreams
  • Sinful Colors - Frenzy (Glitter)
I have been wanting to use Sweet Dreams ever since I purchased the polish.  I am a sucker for blue polishes, and this was no exception.  I painted two coats onto all my nails and let it dry.  It was this beautiful, fun blue shimmer that I couldn't stop looking at.

After it dried, I painted on lord knows how many coats of frenzy on my ring finger to make it almost opaque.  After a few minutes, I added a top coat and I was done.  It was simple, and I was beyond happy with it.  So shiny, shimmery, glittery, bright, and fabulous.

That was until I noticed what I have nicknamed to be the "disease."  The disease which ruined my simple manicure.  I'm sure that no one noticed it but I did.  If you look closely at all the blue nails, there is a bubbling effect.  I'm not sure what exactly happened, but the only thing I can think is that I applied all the coats on too fast and didn't allow enough time for drying.  At first I thought maybe it was the formula, but I swatched a bit on a paper plate and couldn't duplicate the issue.  Who knows, it was diseased, and I wasn't happy.

I'm sure I'll attempt another simple manicure, and yet again I will not be 100% enthralled with it, or something similar to this will happen.  Maybe I should just stick to nail art lol.  

Have you ever had a bubbly, diseased manicure??

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  1. Hello again... attempt number 2 at a comment here! ;p Geez.. you tell one person you kinda like gnomes (but not men who build them houses INCLUDING fire places) and they start deleting your comments. Sheesh... Let it be a lesson.. people will turn on you! JK!!!

    I am shocked half to death that you mostly liked a simple manicure, but I like it a lot too. I think the blues and the glitter accent is super cute. And can I just say I really do not like the 2 finger accent nails look that lots of people are doing? Instead of being an accent, now it just looks like people forgot to paint half their fingers. And I HATE a thumb accent finger. I actually hate my thumbnails and kinda hate everyone else's (they're just big and bulky and weird) so why the heck would you wanna draw attention to them? I, for one, do not want to do that.

    Anyway- about the bubbles. I hate when that happens!! That's happened to me before and it sucks cuz you get your nails done and you're like "yayyy they look so nice!" then... wait for it... SIKE! They're f'ed up! :( I think you're probably right that since you used Sinful Colors (which tends to be thin) and you put too many/too thick coats on too quickly it bubbled right up. Also if you shake your polish bottle that's a sure-fire way to get the disease. Now it sounds like we're talking about STDs. This comment is not going well for me. Anyway- very cute, sorry bout the bubbles and I'll be talking to you soon I'm sure on Twitter. ;)Buhbyenow.

  2. If I squint and look realllllly closely I can see the bubbling but honestly, I like it! At least in the pics it makes it look textured. Diseased? Pish Posh!

  3. Love the glitter. Bubbling is weird. Comes when you least expect it.


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