Guest Post on Polish Pixelle

6:00:00 PM

Hello lovely followers!  How are you tonight?!

Today I bring you something I have been looking forward to doing for a while - a guest post for my friend Ave over at Polish Pixelle!  Originally, Ave and I were going to guest post at the same time on each others blogs, but due to my great injury on my pointer finger, I was unable to post when she posted on my blog.  I was so happy though that Ave shared her awesome Street Nails  while I was unable to do nice designs.

Now my nails are nubs, but the injury has completely grown out, meaning I am able to return to the great world of nail art!  I could not be more happy!  You have no idea how insane I was going just doing "plain" manicures and then adding something to refresh them.

So now I shall leave you with a sneak peak of my design for Ave....head on over to her blog if you want to see the full post!!!


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  1. Nemo!!! JK, that's so festive, you need to be on a boat somewhere!!

    1. omgoodness, now i must do a nemo manicure!!! thank you for the idea!!!!!! and yes, a boat would be fantastic! lol


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