Galaxy Nails!!!!

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Hey everyone!!! My name is Tianne and I am super excited to do this guest blog post for The Little Canvas =) I don't have a nail blog of my own and I've never done a guest blog post so hopefully this works!! Anywaaaaay I'm blogging about my Galaxy Nails. This was my first EVER attempt at these nails so I hope you like!!

When I first decided to do these nails I really didn't think they would turn out. I had little faith in myself for some reason. It took my a while to decide on what colors I wanted to use too. I was staring at all my polishes for what seemed like forever but I ended up choosing these colors:

  • Seche Vite bottom and top coat
  •  Zoya "indigo"
  •  Sinful Colors "snow me white"
  •  Sally Hansen "mellow yellow"
  •  Sinful Colors "cream pink"
  •  Pure Ice "french kiss"
  •  For glitter - Nailene sparkle coat
I always have so much stuff around me when I am painting my nails. For these nails I need a piece of sponge for each color, my dotting tool with the smallest tip, a couple toothpicks, a piece of paper to put polish on, acetone, q-tips and of course all my polish colors =) Before I began this design I did my usual nail prepping after taking off my previous polish which consisted of:

  • scrubbing my nails with warm water and whitening toothpaste
  • using a 4 sided nail buffer to smooth out my nails
  • clipping all my nails to the shape I want them
  • taking a nail file to them
  • pushing all my cuticles back
This process might seem like it takes forever but it doesn't haha After all the prepping was done I started the design. It will be easier for me to type if I list the steps out so that is what I am going to do, sorry for all the lists!! haha

  1. Used Seche Vite base coat. I love this base coat! its kind of a light cream color with a tint of a shimmer
  2. Used Zoya "indigo" as the dark blue base color. In the pictures it looks like I painted my whole nail black but its actually a dark blue. I used this particular color because it has small specks of glitter in it. Its very hard to see in the pics but its there, I swear =)
  3. I began painting a nebula on each nail with Sinful Colors "snow me white". I don't like just putting the nailpolish directly on the sponge so I put the polish on a piece of paper then dip the corner of the sponge in it. For each nail I did a nebula in a different spot too.
  4. Once the white was dry I dipped my sponge in Sally Hansens "mellow yellow" and went over all the white with the yellow polish using the same technique. 
  5. When that was dry I dipped another piece of sponge in Sinful Colors "cream pink" and put it on the ends of my nebula or in the middle of the nebula.
  6. I used Pure Ice "french kiss" to blend the nebula into the dark blue background. I used the sponge technique and did it on each side of the nebula where it met the background. 
  7. I used a toothpick and dipped it in Sinful Colors "snow me white" for the stars. I clustered most of the 'stars' in one area. 
  8. I used my smallest dotting tool to make a few larger stars by dipping that into Sinful Color "snow me white" and just made a few of these larger 'stars' anywhere on the nail.
  9. The glitter I used is more of a shimmer. It came in a pack of different glitters my mom got me a while ago but its so sheer and pretty I use it on almost all my nail designs!! I just painted it over the whole design and it totally pulled it together!!
  10. I sealed my design with Seche Vite top coat. I love this top coat also. It gives it such a great shine and dries super quick. 
When I sponged the pink onto the nebulas I started freaking out because it was so bright and I thought I ruined the entire design but once I finished the design and put the top coat on it, it worked out PERFECTLY =) 

Everyone absolutely loved this design and I got SO many compliments on it so hopefully I will do it again sometime soon!! I really hope you enjoyed this guest blog post and would love to hear what you ladies think of em =) xoxoxooxoxo <3 T

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  1. These are too amazing for words!! I wanna try this!! You made it sound sooo easy!! I hope mine come out like yours! Seriously these are fucking awesome! GREAT job!!

  2. 1) You stole my guest post spot, but I forgive you ;)

    2) These came out SO good holy crap. I don't want my guest post to follow this one!! LOL

  3. These came out awesome. I need to try these!

  4. I've already told you a million times on facebook and twitter how much I LOVE these nails!!! Seriously, Tianne, they came out perfect. Thank you so much for sharing on my blog and any time you want to guest post, let me know! The design, the post, everything is amazing! thank you again!

  5. These looks awesome!! Great job! I like how colorful the middle part is. (is it the nebula???) Whatever it is, it looks great!! :D

  6. I tried this too! Yours looks fab! I would love you to check out mine :)

    Sophie xx


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