Julep "It Girl" Nail Art

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Well, here it is!  My post to go along with my Julep Maven Intro Box Giveaway.  If you haven't entered yet, you must!!!

As I stated in that post, I had ordered the It Girl Introductory box.  At the time I ordered it, I thought I was receiving Spring colors, but instead I was pleasantly surprised by three different colors.  Those are Lily, a pretty pink creme, Daisy, a mustardy yellow creme, and Sasha, a coral creme.  Out of all three of these polishes, Sasha is my favorite, but we'll get to that.

When I first sat down to paint my nails with these polishes, I was stumped.  I had no clue what nail art pattern I could do with the three colors since they all were all darker cremes.  I'm not one for yellow nail polish (unless it's neon), so I didn't want to put Daisy down on all my nails.  After playing around with the polishes for awhile, I decided to revisit a previous manicure - the vintage roses.  I loved this manicure when I first did it, and I thought it would be fun to do them in a different color.

Here is what I came up with:

Yay non dominant hand photography = slowly getting better.

  • Colors Used:
    • Julep - Sasha
    • Julep - Lily
    • Julep - Daisy
    • Sinful Colors - Snow me White
    • Revlon - Sassy
I really, really, really am in love with Sasha, reason why I painted that as a base on majority of my fingers.  Right from the start, I knew that is what I was going to do.  The color was just perfect, I wish my camera captured it better, because trust me, it was so much more gorgeous than what this looks like.  With the white stripes on it, the color really popped out.

Lily I liked as well, and was my second favorite from the box.  I had a polish by Maybelline which is very similar to this color, but it's literally from 6 years ago.  I'm actually shocked the polish still is workable, but that's another story.  My only complaint about Lily was that it dried matte.  Of course with top coat this problem was easily fixed and dried shiny just like the rest of them.  As dark as it looked on the nail, it was still a bright summery color, which I will be using for some pedicures in the near future.

Daisy, I'm eh about.  The color looks a lot brighter in the bottle than what it translates to on the nail.  It's more of a mustard yellow than bright, which in my opinion isn't too summery.  When I heard the name "Daisy" and saw the bottle, I thought it was going to be bright like the centers of daisies. Maybe with some white undies it would be brighter. Application was just as good as Sasha as well.

For the roses, I wanted to mimic the "fiesta" roses I have in my back yard.  I'm really not sure if they fiesta roses, but that's what my dad and I call them.  For those of you who do not know, these roses bloom yellow with orange tipped petals.  They're gorgeous in the sunshine....

Pretty yellow roses with orange tips.  I did the accent nail of Lily, then put a dab of Daisy and then I was upset to find that the yellow didn't show up well on the pink.  I decided to reverse the colors, and was very happy with the result.  Added some Revlon Sassy for the leaves and was pleased.

For the yellow nail, I added some dots of Lily, which kind of blended into the yellow color and made the polish a different shade of pink.  Kind of gross, I wasn't too thrilled with that nail.

If you are in love with these colors and must have them, now is your time to get them for a penny!!!! click here, select the "It Girl" box and use the code "MAVENINTRO". :)

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