The Great Injury of 2012

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I never used to care when I broke a nail or had peeling, but now I do.  Ever since I started blogging, I try my hardest to baby my nails so I can photograph them and share my designs with everyone!

This week, after one day with my gnome nails, a little uh-oh happened which made me feel as sad as that adorable puppy I found on Google.  I managed to rip off a chunk of my nail on my left hand, which is my hand I photograph for all my posts.  After it happened, I stood staring at my  nail going "Oh no, how am I going to blog?! How am I going to post!?"  I know, stupid right?  Especially since it's just a nail, but I really have fallen in love with painting and sharing my nails.

For the squeemish, I suggest you don't take a gander at the photo, but for those who don't care, have a look.  This is what my poor nail looks like.  It could be a LOT worse, so I'm very grateful.

As you can see, the injury happened when I had my gnome nails on, even more proof that gnomes are evil :).  Just kidding.  

I cut the nail down as short as I could and am hoping it grows out fast. It seems to already be growing out a bit, so I'm hoping it won't take too long.

In the mean time, I have a few posts stocked up to share with you, a couple of guest posts, and yes, I am planning some injured nail manicures.  I'm also going to attempt to take pictures of my right hand!  Should be interesting.  Please bare with me in these next few weeks while my nail grows out!

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  1. OMGish!!! That looks SO painful!!!! I once broke a nail halfway down the nail bed and it bled FOREVER!! I went to the salon so they could "Patch" it. But I did order Shellac for that reason, the crack so SO deep and SO painful! I suggest you look into getting Shellac and the UV light (I got mine from Amazon). I do have pictures of the crack on my FB page. Also, has a lot of info about cracks and broken nails on her page. I hope it grows out FAST!!!! :)

  2. Also, HOW did you do that?!!! OUCH!

  3. OWWW! I hate when I break a nail! Don't feel stupid either. It's very tragic when you break a nail when you are a nail blogger. I hope it does grow fast!

  4. OUCH! Try some Nail Magic. You can get it at Sally's and it really has helped make mine stronger and less "peely"


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