Yet another Simple Mani

7:15:00 PM

I shall start this post by saying that my left hand pics still show damage.  I probably should have never posted them and will get random rude comments, but whatever.  I liked the mani and wanted to share.  And I'm too lazy to photoshop a smile or sad face over it.  Luckily, the nail now is grown out and I am one happy chicka.


I did it again, another simple manicure, and this time, it is even more simple than my last simple one.  I haven't felt too well lately, weather has been funky going warm to cold back to warm again and it has done a number on my sinuses.  When I sat down to paint my nails, I just wasn't feeling it.  I wanted something quick, easy, and cute.    Plus, since I still have that lovely damaged nail, I didn't want to waste extensive time on nail art.

Sure enough, simple turned difficult.  I hated everything I was doing and ended up taking off three manicures before settling on some glittery pretties.  I probably should have just done nail art and it would have been faster.

Here are the right hand pics...not too shabby, kinda blurry. 

Then my injured left hand in the sun.

Colors Used:
  • Revlon - Charming
  • Sinful Colors - Frenzy
After a few days, I was still not feeling right and was still rather lazy so instead of taking off my manicure, I decided to refresh my nails!  A few diagonal swipes of shatter, and my worn off tips were not noticeable!

I couldn't get a decent picture of my right hand, so here's the injured lovely.

Refresher Polish
  • OPI Black Shatter
I haven't used my Shatter polish in ages.  Not going to lie, I'm still rather intrigued by it.  It amazes me how it crackles apart and doesn't destroy the paint underneath.  Since I was tired, the shattered lines weren't as straight as I would like, but it did the job for the time being.

Do you do refresher manicures?  Have Shatter? Love it, hate it, confused by it?  Also, who else wants Spotted?!  OPI better offer that in the US soon.

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  1. I do refresh manicures sometimes..! i call it "recycling" the manicure!! I have shattered polishes (1 black, 1 pink and 1 violet).
    I think I can find OPI's here, but I rather buy this local brand (vogue) is from colombia, they sell the shattered polish for $1.00 each.

    I don't know if it is because of the brand, but using it is a little bit difficult sometimes.

  2. Pshhh do I refresh my manicures? OF COURSE!!! I usually do a tip of some sort or a stamp. Sometimes just add glitter but my #1 choice is usually a stamp. I also touch my tips up constantly when I wanna keep some nails for a few days, which is almost never. :p Nice simple mani!! And you know what? F those haters who wanna spend their time reading only to diss your ouchy nails. Karma's a biotch and sometime they'll nearly rip their nail off and can see how they like that! :p


Oh how I love reading all of your comments! I truly appreciate each and every single one!