Guest Post: Polish Pixelle Street Nails!

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Hi ho cherry-o! Ave from Polish Pixelle here with one of what will hopefully be many guest posts! Alaina and I had been planning on doing guest posts on each others blogs for a while and when tragedy struck (read: severely broken nail) I decided to step up and help Alaina out :) Once her swatching nails have recovered hopefully you'll see a guest post on my blog by her!

I was nervous about this guest post since this blog is all about nail art and my blog is more swatch focused. However, I attempted to step up to the challenge with some street nails I had been thinking about for a while. The inspiration for this was China Glazes 'Stone Cold' which to me looks very similar to asphalt.

For this mani I used:

- China Glaze 'Stone Cold'
- Julep 'Blake'
- Toothpick for dotting

I applied two coats of Stone Cold, and used a toothpick to create the yellow lines with Blake.

I really like how these came out. Maybe an unconventional mani, but that is what makes it fun! I got tons of compliments (and a few strange looks). I think I may try this again at one point, incorporating street signs.

See my swatch and review of China Glaze 'Stone Cold' here
See my swatch and review of Julep 'Blake' here

What do you think?

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  1. Love it!!!! so freaking cute!!!! I think you should try it again with some street signs, sounds super adorable! I may have to try this myself!!!! thank you so much Ave!!!! :D love love love it!

    1. I was trying to do a stop sign on my thumb nail but it didn't go very well lol

  2. Omg sooo cute! I am stealing this girl!


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